Everyone is Uniquely Special

“Comparison is the death of joy, and the only person you need to be better than is the one you were yesterday.” – Rachel Hollis

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Mind-Body Therapeutic Activities aka Modalities to Improve Quality of Life for Seniors/Elders

1. Make your own musical instruments

2. Play with musical instruments

3. Dance to music (Zumba Gold)

4. Qigong therapy

5. Chakra and Sound Healing Mantras

6. Mindfulness Meditation and Sound Bath

7. Tai Chi

8. Nutrition Bingo

9. Manifestation Art

10. Guided Meditation Art

11. Holistic healthy eating class

12. Food as Medicine Workshop

13. Deep Breathing Exercises

14. Nutrition Game Activity: Guess What

15. Reiki

16. Wooden Beads “Beading” Therapy

17. Guided Meditation

18. Guided Imagery

19. DIY Music Making

Think Big, Dream Big, Believe Big, and the Results will be Big

The title of this blog post is one of my favorite positive statements of affirmation because it’s so true! Faith is taking the first step even when you do not see the whole staircase. Faith does not make things easy, it makes them possible. Faith opens doors of opportunity. If you knocked on a door and it doesn’t open, it’s not your door. Keep walking by faith and not by sight. God will see you through. Share your brokenness, be bold and courageous, you are an inspiration to so many. Keep walking up the steps, but walk with embedded faith and God, and you’ll get to where you need to be. You have a talent, a gift, a story to share. Share it, be bold, but always be kind. Fight for what you believe in. Deepen your spiritual connection with our Heavenly Father. Without God, we are nothing. With God, we are everything and more. Trust God, follow your heart and intuition, and keep knocking. What seems like is not enough, will turn out to be more than enough.

10 Healing Factors from Exceptional Survivors

*Inspired by Radical Remission Docuseries

1. Empowering yourself

2. Radically changing your diet

3. Releasing suppressed emotions

4. Increasing positive emotions

5. Bringing exercise and movement interventions your life

6. Having strong reasons for living

7. Deepening your spiritual connection practice

8. Using herbs and supplements

9. Following your intuition

10. Embracing social support

Do Not Be Scared of Co-vid 19

Here are reasons to not be scared of Covid-19:
•Wash your hands often
•Avoid processed foods and animal proteins, eat completely plant based
•Detoxify your body with herbal teas, fresh juices, and vegetable-rich salads
•Disinfect everything with Clorox or Lysol
•Use 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils, use them in a diffuser to distribute the benefits throughout the room
•Covid-19 is linked to live market meats, so right there that should be telling you to eat plant-based.
•Avoid or limit sugary drinks and foods, sugar destroys your immune system.
•Viruses/bacteria don’t like an alkaline environment, but they love an acidic environment.
•After it’s over, please continue to take care of your health with these preventative measures.

The Holistic Grace Healer ❤️🙏😊

P.S. God is an amazing Healer, The Lord is Our Savior 😊🙏

Why ACV is So Awesome!

As long as you’re eating mostly clean, and engaging in other healthy lifestyle changes, then adding apple cider vinegar in your water is going to make you feel like a little kid, jumping with joy! Also, eating less gluten and more gluten-free, will give your body what it needs to embrace the energy benefits that comes with apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar provides your gut microbiome with homeostasis by getting rid of excess and toxic waste that shouldn’t be in your gut. When you don’t rid your gut of excess waste, toxic overload and acidity can occur, resulting in the onset of disease. Each of our organs have a different pH. Our gut is connected to other organs and organ systems. Everything from our cells to our organ systems are interconnected. We must keep our system in a state of equilibrium or else our disease-promoting genes can turn on. ACV aids in detoxifying the gut to reduce gut inflammation. Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine said, “All diseases begin in the gut.” When you have an inflamed gut overloaded with toxins, the inflammation can travel to other parts of the body and create abnormal angiogenesis in other areas. Clean eating + detoxification aids = a system maintaining equal balance to prevent disease.

It’s a Science, Not an Opinion

I know some of you may not like to hear that eating a plant-based diet and eliminating animal protein from your dietary lifestyle regimen is needed to achieve a healthy, vibrant life. Some of you may be in the pre-contemplation stage or just coming out of it. Nutrition is a science, not an opinion. Plant-based nutrition is real and is positively impacting people’s lives for the better. Whole foods plant based nutrition is effectively treating and reversing disease. Go over to the website called, Forks Over Knives, and scroll on the page and go to their testimonials. Once you’ve seen them all, you’re going to change your life! One of the best things about being pro-plant based is how much energy you gain, pain and inflammation are decreased significantly, or even is reversible! I love seeing people living their best life, being disease-free, and having the discipline and positive mindset to keep going with a plant-based lifestyle! It brings joy to my heart, and brings me tears of happiness.

To know that most of our chronic diseases are man-made from laboratories because of profit is so inhumane. It’s why we have a difficult time with abstaining away from certain foods and food-like products. All these preservatives, chemicals, and food additives are hacking our brain and making us fat and sick. But what matters the most? Purchasing products and foods that keep making the people who are keeping us sick, wealthy or boycotting against them and buying fresh foods from the produce and bulk departments? If you’re buying products, make sure they are USDA certified organic. USDA certified organic outweighs NON-GMO project verified.

I know we are not perfect all the time, because we are humans we are not perfect. It’s okay to lose on the way to improved clean eating patterns, just get back up and dust your shoulders off. You got this! Let no one or nothing get in your way from achieving the best qualify of life. You were made for more, you were made to live a life free from ailments. In addition to clean eating, do stress management practices such as nutrition therapy, dance therapy, music therapy/sound healing, physical activity, and going for a nature walk. Balance over perfection. Stress management + clean eating = disease prevention, treatment, and reversed disease.

Big Faith Over Fear

It’s okay to have fears, but on the contrary will it get you to where you want to be? You need to have huge faith embedded into your soul, having big faith takes you to places. Faith unlocks and opens doors of opportunity. When you’re down to nothing, God is up to something. Trust God! God can change things very quickly in your life. Trust the process because God makes ways out of no way. You may not see it, but God knows the way that you take. When he has tried you, you will come out as gold. Take huge leaps of faith, those leaps will land you at your desired destination.

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