Dignity and Love for Humanity

*Inspired by a personal development book I’m reading, Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown.

Maintaining dignity is a choice, you either own it or you don’t. Dignity is a form of respect and love/compassion for humanity no matter what situation unfolds. Respect people equally even when you disagree with them, their values and beliefs. When they are mean, boorish, or mistreating you. Dignity and respect are forms of leadership despite the hate, unfairness, and deep pain caused by another human.

A love for humanity is of dignity and respect. You accept the person for who they are no matter what. You forgive the person for mistreating you, bringing you down, and taking advantage of you. But, enough is enough! You need to set boundaries to stabilize your emotional, mental, and physical health. Don’t do what you hear. Always act with kindness, peace, and love in all situations. Kindness is not a weakness, it’s a strength.

A high level of wisdom comes along with staying true and acting on dignity and love for humanity. Always sow what you wish to reap. If you want respect, you have to give it to get it. Your actions speak louder than words. People may threaten you, put you down, disrespect you, and do mean things to you, but you have to rise up, be a leader, and don’t follow suit in their actions. Do whatever you have to do to stay true to dignity and your love for humanity by setting limits and boundaries.

If they disrespect you so bad to the point you want to verbally and physically attack them, do yourself and others a favor by removing yourself from them. The outcome will be ugly and painful, but it’s for the best.

Published by azjuniquenvp

My name is Azjunique Gibson. I love helping others to improve their holistic health with lifestyle interventions, it keeps tugging at my heart. I even have several testimonials to share, stay tuned! I hope to open up a holistic health center dedicated to helping everyone learn about preventing, treating, and reversing disease. Integrating my Arbonne business, will allow me to help serve you by giving you some of the best, amazing gifts to build time freedom, generational wealth, and health. Do not give up or be afraid to slow down and better yourself. Remember it’s about your journey, not your destination. I failed over and over, but, I really did not fail because you know what, I did not quit. Keep standing firm in the pursuit of what makes you happy!

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