The Truth About Organic Food

*Inspired by Feeding You Lies How To Unravel The Food Industry’s Playbook and Reclaim Your Health (Vani Hari)

USDA 100% Certified Organic foods outweigh the Non-GMO Project Verified labeled foods. Organic foods have greater nutritional value (nutrients, vitamins, minerals). Organic foods are banned from containing additives, pesticides, hormones, and genetically modified organisms. They are better for the waistline, because of cleaner ingredients lists. Organic foods are safer for farmers and our overall health. Organic foods make us feel better to help us experience better vitality and quality of life.

Clear Truths:

1. Certified organic foods are also non-GMO.

2. Organic crops cannot be grown with synthetic pesticides, and contain much lower pesticide residues than conventional crops.

3. The most widely used herbicide on the planet (Roundup) is prohibited on organic crops.

4. Organic ingredients aren’t processed with toxic hexane.

5. Organic crops are prohibited from being fertilized with sewage sludge.

6. Organic meat isn’t produced with risky growth-promoting drugs, such as ractopamine. Ractopamine is a feed additive used to promote leanness in animals raised for their meat. It’s associated with cardiovascular stress and “downer” syndrome in food-producing animals. Also, linked to heart problems and can be poisoning to humans. (Center for Food Safety)

7. Organic animals aren’t fattened up with growth-promoting antibiotics. The overuse of growth-promoting antibiotics is creating superbugs that could threaten the entire population.

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My name is Azjunique Gibson. I love helping others to improve their holistic health with lifestyle interventions, it keeps tugging at my heart. I even have several testimonials to share, stay tuned! I hope to open up a holistic health center dedicated to helping everyone learn about preventing, treating, and reversing disease. Integrating my Arbonne business, will allow me to help serve you by giving you some of the best, amazing gifts to build time freedom, generational wealth, and health. Do not give up or be afraid to slow down and better yourself. Remember it’s about your journey, not your destination. I failed over and over, but, I really did not fail because you know what, I did not quit. Keep standing firm in the pursuit of what makes you happy!

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