Plant a Seed of Faith

The power of planting a seed changes things, don’t give in.

Faith can move a mountain. If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, mountains will move and nothing shall be impossible for you. Living by fear pushes us away from the dreams embedded in our heart. Don’t be pushed by the fears in your mind, be led by the dreams in your heart. Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase. Never underestimate the power of faith, because faith changes your life. It’s all about how you handle a situation. Be faithful in small and in large things, the power of your strength lies in them.

Faith is the greatest miracle – working power imaginable. Faith never fails a person. When we give up on faith, we fail. Crazy faith sometimes may not lead to the “way” you anticipate things will unfold, but that’s okay because God knows the way you take. When God has tried you, you will come out as gold. God is with us through tough times too. God is good! God knows the way you take, that means He’ll step in and redirect our footsteps. God never leaves nor forsakes us. God is within her she will not fall (Psalm 46:5). Things may not go as you thought they would happen, but God loves you so much and you will succeed in His mighty presence. God can change your life very quickly, never underestimate the power and ability of God. Trust God’s heart when you cannot trace His hand. Keep walking by faith and out of the blue everything will make sense for you. You will not fail with faith…God will not let that happen because He’ll redirect you. Rejection means redirection.

Don’t worry, your dawn is coming. Trust God’s timing!

Published by azjuniquenvp

My name is Azjunique Gibson. I love helping others to improve their holistic health with lifestyle interventions, it keeps tugging at my heart. I even have several testimonials to share, stay tuned! I hope to open up a holistic health center dedicated to helping everyone learn about preventing, treating, and reversing disease. Integrating my Arbonne business, will allow me to help serve you by giving you some of the best, amazing gifts to build time freedom, generational wealth, and health. Do not give up or be afraid to slow down and better yourself. Remember it’s about your journey, not your destination. I failed over and over, but, I really did not fail because you know what, I did not quit. Keep standing firm in the pursuit of what makes you happy!

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