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Hello to all, my name is Azjunique Gibson. I am an NIH Certified Health Researcher, Licensed Zumba Instructor, and Arbonne Independent Consultant. I decided to start blogging because my passion for helping others is contagious! I’m an Arthritis and Hypothyroidism Survivor, I successfully reversed both of them. I was able to reverse my arthritis by transitioning to a whole foods vegan diet, exercising, practicing Tai Chi, herbal detoxification, and making my first herbal mixture. Recently, I reversed my hypothyroidism after battling with it for 8 years. I was able to adhering to my dietary lifestyle change, a whole foods vegan diet. I was able to use the 30 days to Healthy Living (nutrition) Program from my Arbonne business as well. In addition to advanced medical nutrition therapy, I taught myself how to use lifestyle interventions as medicine (Music Therapy, Dance Therapy, Reiki, Aromatherapy, and Medical Qigong). I want to share what I have learned along my journey in hopes of helping you all to fight through those tough times, and to never quit on any of your goals or dreams. You can expect for me to share my knowledge on holistic healing, testimonials from people I have helped, and tips/personal development tools to help you change your life or to achieve greatness with your business/career life. In the coming years, I hope to open up a holistic health center because I want to help you experience the pure joy I have with healing/reversing disease. I want to build 2 charitable foundations, become a self-published author, and help you all thrive with me. #ZerotoHero #Health #Motivation #Philanthropy

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My name is Azjunique Gibson. I love helping others to improve their holistic health with lifestyle interventions, it keeps tugging at my heart. I even have several testimonials to share, stay tuned! I hope to open up a holistic health center dedicated to helping everyone learn about preventing, treating, and reversing disease. Integrating my Arbonne business, will allow me to help serve you by giving you some of the best, amazing gifts to build time freedom, generational wealth, and health. Do not give up or be afraid to slow down and better yourself. Remember it’s about your journey, not your destination. I failed over and over, but, I really did not fail because you know what, I did not quit. Keep standing firm in the pursuit of what makes you happy!

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