Those I Have Helped

Testimonial 8: 4/4/19

            Thank you to Azjunique, she has helped to improve my diabetes. Azjunique has helped me to change my diet, I have implemented more whole foods into my diet. She has assisted in helping me lower the dosage I take for diabetic medication. I received a good report from my doctor, and I am amazed. I want to keep going, and advance my diet.

Testimonial 7: 8/6/19

            I cannot believe how far I have come in these last 6 months. Azjunique has helped me accomplish my weight loss goal by offering suggestions on how I can make dietary changes. She gave me tips on how I can clean up my eating habits; she introduced me to more whole foods that are satisfying, affordable, and delicious. I have stopped eating fast food and have cut back on sweets. I am also monitoring my portion sizes, so I am not overeating. Azjunique has inspired and motivated me to believe in myself. Because of Azjunique’s passion to help me with my health goal, I reached my goal of losing 20 pounds.


Testimonial 6: 8/5/19

Azjunique encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone using music therapy activities such as listening to songs, playing different musical instruments, and drawing to music. I really liked the song selections, overall it was fun to do something different. I can be very rigid, so it definitely opened up my eyes and mind that there is nothing wrong with trying new things. I loved Azjunique’s patience with me, I did not feel rushed. Her presentation put me at ease and in a calmer state. In the beginning, I was tense, but by the end felt more relaxed.

            Azjunique has also helped me make dietary improvements and changes. She has given me good advice, introduced me to more fruits and vegetables, and has provided me with recipe ideas. There are times when I may have something I should not have, but that is okay because I need to still enjoy the foods I want. The point is to eat in moderation. I love experimenting with fresh fruits and vegetables because I am able to come up with different ideas. I get ideas from watching the cooking channel. When you have cancer, you need to eat healthier. I eat healthier because you cannot have it both ways — if you want to improve your health, you have to eat right. I really enjoy fruits and vegetables, I am always coming up with new ideas, so it is not boring.

            Azjunique has affected my health both emotionally and mentally. She is so supportive because she is always there for me. When I was in the hospital, it brightened up my day to have her there. Whenever I need help with anything, she has the willingness to help me. Her calls and visits to check up on me means the world to me. The time Azjunique spends with me is appreciated, and I feel confident when I talk to her. She is a great listener and I am comfortable talking to her. Azjunique keeps me going by uplifting me with her words of wisdom and encouragement. I can tell her how I feel, and what my thoughts are, and not be judged.

Testimonial 5: 8/4/19

            All from the first treatment (Music Therapy, Medical Qigong, and Reiki), Azjunique has done a wonderful job in positively affecting my health in all areas. Ever since last Thursday August 1, 2019, I have been having a great night’s sleep each night. I loved the Medical Qigong, Music Therapy, and Reiki parts I did for the stress management session. Prior to doing stress management with Azjunique, I have been feeling depressed and stressed out. However, as of now, I am not depressed or stressed, I am so happy I cannot put it into words. I am very satisfied with how things went at my first stress management session. I appreciated the time Azjunique spent with me, her patience with me was amazing. I love the Qigong exercises she showed me, so far I have memorized three out of the eight exercises. I am feeling much better all around; I am so happy that I am still feeling good. I was able to go to church, and had the determination to go today! From the Music Therapy portion, I liked the two songs that Azjunique picked out for me to listen to. Both songs had significant meaning…No One is Alone and Don’t Worry, Be Happy. I have been praying to God to send me some help, and he did…Azjunique!

Testimonial 4: 7/22/19

            Through social media, whenever I see Azjunique’s posts I always feel her authenticity. We share similar interests regarding our healing journey. Seeing her posts about healing from within spiritually makes my heart soar. It is great to know Azjunique has a positive outlook on helping others. I wish I knew the stuff she knows at a young age. I know each time I view her posts, all of them; Azjunique is speaking from experience and her heart. I am happy to know she is not trying, but is actually making a difference in the world.

Testimonial 3: 7/9/19

            Azjunique has definitely motivated me to keep going as far as eating healthier. I have not really been on social media so much recently, but when I have, I love seeing her posts about healthy eating. It is nice to know others see the importance and the impact health has on your life in multiple aspects. 

Testimonial 2: 7/8/19

            Azjunique has taught me about the benefits of eating plant-based. She has introduced me to new recipes that include whole foods and unprocessed ingredients. Azjunique has shared many new ideas for healthy recipes such as smoothies, acai bowls, and entrees that include whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Her passion for nutrition and holistic healing has inspired me to make healthier choices.

Testimonial 1: 7/7/19

            Our body is our temple, we must be mindful of the products we consume and apply to our bodies daily. Azjunique has been influential in educating me on the importance of nutrition. I make a conscious effort now to read nutritional labels and pay strict attention to sugar, sodium, and high fructose content in the products I purchase. Azjunique has provided me with creative plant-based nutrition meal plans that are affordable and delicious. As a result, I have lost 30 lbs. since March 2018. I feel more energized, my skin looks fabulous, and I feel comfortable in my clothes again. Azjunique’s passion for nutrition and educating people on the importance of nutrition has opened up my eyes, and has made me more health conscious.

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My name is Azjunique Gibson. I love helping others to improve their holistic health with lifestyle interventions, it keeps tugging at my heart. I even have several testimonials to share, stay tuned! I hope to open up a holistic health center dedicated to helping everyone learn about preventing, treating, and reversing disease. Integrating my Arbonne business, will allow me to help serve you by giving you some of the best, amazing gifts to build time freedom, generational wealth, and health. Do not give up or be afraid to slow down and better yourself. Remember it’s about your journey, not your destination. I failed over and over, but, I really did not fail because you know what, I did not quit. Keep standing firm in the pursuit of what makes you happy!

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